Simple Things That Most of Us Keep Doing Wrong

There are so many ways to make our everyday kitchen chores more manageable. And we bet that you haven’t even heard about half of them! Today, Bright Side offers you a selection of tips on how to say goodbye to many of your tricky chores!
Warming your Choco Pies

Yes, this is news to us as well! Warming this chocolate and marshmallow confectionery in a microwave makes it twice as big and three times as tasty!

Using a mixer like a pro

A paper plate, put on the beaters of the mixer, can serve as a makeshift cover that’ll eliminate unwanted spray.

Making chocolate chips

The easiest way to make chocolate chips is to use a potato peeler. A simple yet effective solution!

Preserving vegetables

Rinsing your salad leaves and storing them sandwiched between paper napkins will practically double their longevity.

Opening a coconut

Preheat the oven to 400°F. Pierce a hole in the coconut’s shell, and pour out the liquid. Place the coconut in the oven for about 15 minutes. Thanks to these simple actions, the coconut will crack by itself. All you’ll have to do is split it open!
Cleaning mushrooms

True connoisseurs advise against washing mushrooms under running water. It’s best to clean them using a wet towel and a brush as this will help preserve the aroma.
Storing bananas
Don’t store bananas in bunches. What you should do is separate them from each other, wrap their “tails” in plastic wrap, and put them in the fridge. Much longer storage is guaranteed!

Adding cheese to burgers

To make a real cheeseburger, wait until the meat is ready, place a slice of cheese on top, add a little water, and cover the frying pan with a lid.

Opening a bag of chips

Rather than pouring your chips into a bowl, you can make the bag into a bowl. Open the bag in the front with a pair of scissors. Remove the front flap completely and you’ll have a makeshift bowl to eat your chips out of.

Drinking Coke

A study shows that the top of all beverage cans are full of germs and bacteria. You will do your health a favor drinking coke from a can with a straw. Thus you’ll avoid contamination.

Using toothpaste

Studies show that toothpaste is not healthy for our teeth if we abuse it. Those who think that the more toothpaste they squeeze the better are actually mistaken — using too much toothpaste only makes teeth yellow and damages them.

Wearing headphones

If your headphones always drop from your ears, try to wear them as shown in the photo on the right.



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