Grow Hair Faster and Thicker Naturally with Simple Home Remedy

Hairs have been a symbol of feminism since ancient times and see them as their crown of elegance. Hairs are considered even as reflection of women’s identity so there is no doubt that mostly every woman wants her hair long, smooth and thick. But in today’s hectic schedule it is impossible to take care of them which result in hair loss, thinning and damaged follicles.

How to Grow Hair Faster and Thicker Naturally with this Simple Home Remedy
women mostly use man made hair product for their hair but instead of treating hair problem, hair products contributes in damaging fair follicles and making the scalp dry as they contain various chemicals that are not good for our hair whereas home remedies are something that provide nourishment to hair and make them silky, smooth and voluminous.

DIY Hair Pack

castor oil
aloe Vera gel
fenugreek seed
Brahmi powder
Procedure and application

After cutting aloe Vera into smaller pieces, grind these pieces.
In this well grinded aloe Vera add brahmi powder and add 1 spoon of castor oil and fenugreek seed and then mix all these ingredient well to get a perfect recipe.

Apply this mixture in your hair from its root to the tip and cover it after the application with shower cap or another cloth and let the recipe stay for at least 2 hours and then rinse it off. Use this mixture till you see noticeable difference in your hair.

Aloe Vera Hair Oil


bheda powder
almond oil
coconut oil
fenugreek seed
Procedure and application

Pour some coconut oil in a bowl and almond oil to it.
After this add fenugreek seed and one bheda to it.
Now mix these all ingredients to it and keep this mixture in sunlight for five hours.
Apply this mixture in your hair, before going to bed and leave it overnight after covering it with shower cap and rinse it off the next day. Use this oil on daily basis till you get rid of hair fall and damaged and dry scalp.



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